A Life-Changing Treasure
for Your Heart & Soul

"By far the best inspirational book I have ever read..."
          "I started reading it and couldn't put it down!"
"I open this book every single day - it keeps me centered."
          "Stunningly beautiful...from start to finish!"
"This is one of my favorite books - I share it with everyone."

These are just a few of the comments pouring in about this newly-released treasure from Mary Morrissey.

The wisdom and daily practices in this book can completely change you! With every page, you are supported in focusing on what really matters, making choices that shift your awareness and empower you to live an expanded life while developing a deeper relationship with the Eternal that keeps you in the center of a stream of abundance and well being.

Read it front to back all at once, one page every day, or open this book anywhere you want and be amazed that the Universe knows how to find you at the right time to give you just the message you needed!